“Avoid The Pitfalls And Heartache Of Buying The Wrong Parrot For A Pet”

“Who Else Wants To Own A Loving Obedient Pet Parrot That Everyone Adores?” 

 Owning a loving obedient parrot is one of the best feelings in the world!

But if You Buy the wrong parrot it can cause you disappointment, regret and heart ache from day one!
Here’s why, because every time you try and pick up your new parrot it runs away from you!
And then when you finally catch it! It bites you…

I’m sure this is not the idea of the kind of pet parrot you had in mind. Would You Agree?

    WARNING: A bird’s health and happiness is highly reliant
upon how much they trust you and how comfortable they are in your house.

The wrong environment can not only cause unhappiness, it can lead to poor health and even danger.

Trying to go it alone could end up costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars in vet bills or even resulting in the sudden death of your new parrot from stress.

You don’t have to believe me! The bird forums online are full of sad parrot stories that could have been avoided if the owners had the correct information.

I recently read a shocking story in the Quaker forum:

A breeder sold a lady a 5 week old Quaker Parrot, the lady was told the Quaker is 10 weeks old but you still need to feed it hand rearing formula. The lady had no experience with parrots, after a day of bringing the baby home the little Quaker was still sitting on the floor in the corner of its cage and sleeping a lot.

The lady contacted the breeder and asked if she could finish rearing the bird?

The breeder refused. Luckily for the Quaker the lady found an experienced person to finish rearing her Quaker for her. Until it was 8 weeks old and self sufficient.

Or this one:

How can i stop my parrot biting me?

I have an eclectus, and he’s about 6 or 7 months old. He’s always been a good boy up until now, but recently (i’m talking weeks) he has started lashing out and making a growling noise whenever me or my family goes to touch him. He bites really hard, sometimes drawing blood.Please help me if you know any way to get him out of this bad habit!
Source: https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081029233158AA1CO2i



“Buying Your First Pet Parrot”

 Here’s a testimonial Pan sent us after reading the book. 

I was honestly surprised by the amount of valuable information in such a compact book detailing a step by step directive in layman language for a first time owner of a parrot.

The book proactively stimulated my thoughts in relation to the introduction and interaction of a newly acquired juvenile parrot into our home environment to minimize any shock and make it feel welcome without overwhelming it.

A great guide to feeding, caring and training a young parrot with the aim to develop the bird’s individual character however establishing boundaries and in turn controlled behavior.

Personal, as a first time parrot owner (to be) I found the reading invaluable with a surprising learning curb hence would sincerely recommend the book to anyone contemplating purchasing a parrot for the first time!
Pan  Giannenas
Victoria Australia

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside.


Who is the Parrot for in the family? This might sound like a simple question; however we receive many calls from people wanting to order a parrot saying: I want to order a parrot for my son or daughter but it’s really for me…
…….Can you imagine how confused the parrot will be when they get it home?

What age of the parrot is ideal for you?

Is the noise level of the parrot going to bother you?

Preparing your home so your new parrot will be safe and comfortable.

Creating an ideal environment for your parrot.

Choosing the correct cage size. Just like humans, a bird can go stir crazy if left in a cage of any size too long. This is worsened  when the cage is too small.

Pros and cons of buying your new parrot from a pet shop or breeder.

What to look for when buying a parrot  Get this wrong and you could be in for years of heartache and disappointment.

How to choose a tame healthy Parrot.

Getting your new parrot vet checked.

Providing a diet that promotes long life.

Basic training 101.


Here’s what Kiara said about the eBook…

Buying Your First Pet Parrot” Book is the number one resource I turned to when purchasing a parrot. With all the essential information, such as where to place the cage and how to deal with the parrot when bringing it home. Is what I found most helpful as well as other important details. I would highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about purchasing a parrot written by someone with many years of experience, it’s the one book with all the information you need to know.
- Kiara Robinson
Cranbourne, Victoria Australia

I want the book, how much it will cost me?

Sure but first let me ask you a question…

How much would you willingly pay for a book that could save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in unnecessary vet bills In a real life situation?

How much would that kind of saving be worth to you?  $50? $90? $100?


 This book is definitely worth every cent of its value”

I would like to say that this book is definitely worth every cent of its value. It’s simple and easy to understand. I liked how it’s got a cage size requirement table for specific birds, and it even compares between buying from a breeder and a pet shop. I highly recommend this book, as it has helped me understand how I can take care of my bird better. A Big thanks to Andy for putting it together. And I hope that if anyone is thinking of buying this Book, I promise that you won’t regret it.
– Apasara Junjae
Mentone, Victoria Australia.


I wanted this information to be easily accessible and affordable to all new parrot owners so you can benefit from this valuable information, so I’m not going to charge you $100 or even $50


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To Your New Parrots Happy Life

Pet Parrots


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I really enjoyed reading it. Having just acquired our beautiful Lucy, it reinforced the things that we are doing are correct, and suggested a few more that we could be doing. It was informative and extremely helpful and it made me realise that we had purchased our girl from the right person!
Chris Fox
Victoria Australia 


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